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We want to provide our customers with quality products and provide good service.

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About us

Dear visitors,

Welcome to our website.
The company Oblasy CZ s.r.o. aims on the contrary, the immodest goal. We want to provide our customers with quality products and provide good service. Everything to our full satisfaction.

If interested, you can contact us. You can count on our reliability.

We are located in Znojmo
in the Czech Republic

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We know that the market can only be thanks to you, our customers.

We strive to provide the best possible services in the areas of:

  • supply equipment exactly according to customer requirements (mostly Czech origin, but also from European countries, incl. Non-European territories)
  • foreign trade (advisory, consulting, intermediary)
  • translation, interpreting, guide
  • information
  • assist in the implementation of business

In our activities, we use many years of business experience, particularly in the area of purchasing, vendor selection and implementation of the business case.

I have experience in the supply of technical equipment, components, spare parts and diverse goods, engineering, foundry, electronics, electrical, installation (water, heating, gas) character.

Equipment for industrial companies. A small sample of some of our supplied positions:



Oblasy CZ s.r.o.
Oblekovice 89
CZ - 671 81 Znojmo - 5
Czech Republic

IČ: 04927567
DIČ (DPH): CZ04927567

Company registration: Oblasy CZ s.r.o. is business register at Krajsky soud (County Court) in Brno, section C, insertion 92534.


Tel: +420 721 377 494  nebo  +420 720 351 341

E-mail: jos.stava@seznam.cz or info@oblasycz.eu

Skype: josef.stava.zn

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  • UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.  č.ú. 2112849999/2700 (EUR)
    BIC / Swift code: BACXCZPP IBAN: CZ6027000000002112849999
  • SBERBANK CZ, a.s.  č.ú. 121038253/6800 (EUR)
    BIC / Swift code: VBOECZ2X IBAN: CZ4168000000001201038253
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